Enjoy @HeisCapStylez’s new album AND mixtape #RAPTURE!

After months of preparation, The Captain finally dropped #RAPTURE on July 5th, 2014 at midnight just as he was set to perform at Busboys and Poets! You can download each on Bandcamp at HeisCapStylez.bandcamp.com/music.

We at Obese Citizens are honored to give you #RAPTURE, an album and a mixtape for free!! All we ask is for you to enjoy and pass the buck when it’s convenient! TRW4Eva! #Biggerthanthatfatchild!!! Enjoy RAPTURE!


@HeisCapStylez’s growth, influences, and inspirations.


Today, we’re gonna let The Captain talk about his progression in his life, things that influence him, and things that inspire him to continue his progression.

1st Topic: Growth

Cap: I look at life differently everyday. One day I’ll be loving life for what it is. The next day I’ll be nonchalant at the fact that life is a cycle of living and dying. At the end of the day it’s about acceptance. Accepting yourself and your surroundings is the key to pursuing happiness. I don’t let the media persuade me to believe in philosophies and ideologies that aren’t real. I read, I study, I listen to music, I eat fatty food, I skate…and I believe that I am in good physical and mental shape. As long as I continue this process, my characteristics will grow in a way that will show the world and myself that progression can be visible.

2nd Topic: Influences

Cap: I don’t know why so many people look up to me. Maybe because I can easily admit that I like weed even though my mother forbids, or that I was quick to run to suicide whenever I had a problem. The problem with me is that I let the wrong things and people influence me. I let rappers influence me to think that life is about money (solely), fucking bitches, cutting off people who wasn’t there when I struggled, and material things. I let weed enthusiasts influence me to believe that euphoria could be the best feeling in the world. The bottom line is no one, and I mean NO ONE, knows life’s meaning. Not a rapper, a millionaire, a president, a pastor, NO ONE. However, these influences help me mold my own ideals. My biggest influence are the very same people who say they look up to me. They make me feel like I have a reputation to uphold.

3rd Topic: Inspirations

Cap: Kids. Poets. Artists. Skaters. Athletes. Everyone who has a dream. Everyone who chases their dreams. The people who listen to my music and understand everything. EVERYTHING. Half of the reason why I make music is to relate to the people who’s stories are still untold.

We hope you gained something from today’s post! #RAPTURE drops July 5th!!!

@HeisCapStylez breaks down his chronic depression.


“I Try My Hardest To Understand My Current Position In Life And All Possible Paths I Could Take Without Having To Worry About My Happiness Or Health, But Right Now The World Is In Bad Shape. Fuck All The ‘You Should Be Grateful Becuz Others Don’t Have Anything But They’re Happy’ Bullshit. Yes, You Should Appreciate What You Have, But You Shouldn’t Have To Continuously Settle For Less. My Quality Of Life Is Horrible. I Started School A Year Late. I Had A Developmental Problem When I Was A Child And I Don’t Think I Ever Caught Up To Where I Was Supposed To Be Mentally. Now I Overanalyze Everything. Relationships, My Life Span, Motives, Rules And Regulations, And Much More. I’m Restless. Family Isn’t Family. Friends Aren’t Friends. I’m Too Busy Comparing My Shitty Life With Others. As Soon As I See Happiness That I’m Not Experiencing, I Feel More And More Depressed. I Ask Myself What Am I Doing Wrong All The Time. My Final Answer Is Staying Alive. I Feel That It Isn’t Worth The Mental Frustration And Emotional Torture. I Just Wish There Was Another Way To Ease Pain Without Dying Altogether. But Fuck It.”

– Cap Stylez

Reminiscing: A look at @HeisCapStylez’s progress.


The Captain has been in the game longer than most people know, and he’s only twenty years old. From the popular YouTube video “Wake Up Call” to local performances, Cap has been building a moderate amount of buzz without any management besides Dior Paint Jr, his wingman.


Back in the summer of 2011, Cap spoke with the city council to perform at Forest Heights’ community day. He performed his hit single “GOOD”, a Slegdren produced record that aired on a popular indie radio station in Newark, New Jersey.


In 2012, Cap appeared on the Eddie Kayne Show and did an exclusive freestyle for one of Eddie Kayne’s traditional cyphers.


During the Spring 2013 semester at PGCC, Cap was part of the PGCC cypher. The final artists were chosen through auditions, and Cap made it. Fellow artists included Devile (in the pic on the right), Zeus, Cattivo, Loe, and more. Unfortunately the footage wasn’t released due to various location changes.

This is only the beginning! More music and shows are on the way!! #RAPTURE drops July 5th!!!

Understanding @HeisCapStylez’s #IsolatedIndividuality.


If you followed The Captain around 2011, then you know that was when he truly began to evolve into the lyrical artist you know and love today. He first found himself when he released his first official mixtape called “Isolated Individuality”.


Let’s time-travel back to October 2011. Isolated Individuality is Cap’s personality. Even when the spotlight is on him, he questions if it is because of fate or if it’s mere coincidence. People look up to him as a leader and a role model, yet behind closed curtains he associates with negative influences out of kindness and understanding. Once he’s alone, he wonders if the people he reached out to with all his heart will ever love him the same just to think that he’s being neglected, so he goes back into isolation. To him, isolation isn’t just solitude. Isolation is a space where theories are drawn, ideas are made, questions are answered, and his thought process has little to no distractions. Therefore, when he writes, his literature can be compared to anything. For example, “Believe” (the last track of Isolated Individuality) explains how his faith in his abilities to succeed fuels his drive to press on. He compares friendships and relationships to actual sea vessels. “One might sink, the other will keep floating”, says The Captain.

We hope you have a better understanding of how The Captain thinks. Even while making #RAPTURE, his isolated individuality played a big part with helping him stay honest with himself.

RAPTURE drops July 5th. Tell everyone.

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Hope to see you on Independence Day!!! #RAPTURE

After #RAPTURE: Q&A with @HeisCapStylez.


The self proclaimed isolated genius has been working on several projects: Obese Citizens (an organization that promotes “phat” individuals with artistic vision), the album/mixtape double disc release of #RAPTURE, and his soon to be career as a professional skateboarder? Here we’ll ask Cap a series of questions that will help us understand the path of our “New President”.


Q1: What are your plans after #RAPTURE drops?

Cap: Music wise, demo submissions to some record labels I’m interested in. Life wise, enlisting into the military.


Q2: Who are some of the labels you’re looking at right now?

Cap: Stones Throw, Amalgam Digital…those are the main two, but I’ll be looking for more.


Q3: Are you looking forward to enlisting?

Cap: Honestly, no. The feeling’s bittersweet. This is something I have to do because of where I am in life. My fam isn’t in a position to support me, and I can’t fade paying back college loans for the rest of my adolescence.


Q4: How do you feel about #RAPTURE’s outcome?

Cap: I love how #RAPTURE came out. Like, it continues where #BeforeTheRAPTURE left off. Great production, solid collaborations, and an amazing concept.


Q5: So #RAPTURE is a conceptual project? If so, tell us about it.

Cap: My pleasure. The album is how I want people to see and accept me as a person. The mixtape is more rhythmic so people can do less interpreting of the lyrics and enjoy the music as a whole more. Overall, every song has a message. Nothing is watered down.


Q6: What was the inspiration of #RAPTURE?

Cap: At first, I began making #RAPTURE as a death note to let my loved ones know that I’ll live on through music, but as I continued to make more music and connect with my friends/family/supporters, something told me that #RAPTURE was the beginning of a new me.


Q7: A new you?

Cap: A more positive person towards myself.


Q8: That’s great to hear! But…are you done making music after #RAPTURE?

Cap: Absolutely not. I’m currently writing with a 100 percent clear mind that’s free of all distractions. I’m not sure when the next project will be released, but it definitely will be sooner than later.


Q9: What is your mission with Obese Citizens?

Cap: I want to provide the youth, well, anyone with a gift, with an outlet that can help them reach their dreams. I know how hard it is to turn a dream into reality being alone, and I just want everyone to know that they don’t have to be alone anymore.


Q10: Last question, what plans do you have with skateboarding?

Cap: Honestly, I’m pretty content with just riding around the neighborhood and skating to new places, but if I ever get the chance, I’d love to do contests and even photoshoots with a magazine. Skateboarding is truly a childhood dream of mine.



We want to wish The Captain the best of luck in his future full of obstacles and endeavors. If anyone can overcome these hardships, it’s Cap. RAPTURE drops on July 5th! Be sure to spread the word to everyone you know!!!