#Realize Is A Song To Basically Get You Hipp About What I Do. “If You Didnt Know” Is What I Say In The Beginning Of The Track. A Lot Of Ppl Won’t Pay Attention To This Song, But Everything I Say Is From The Heart.


Cap Stylez – Realize [Prod. By SDotFire]


I Haven’t Really Been Putting Out A Lot Of Music. Right Now I’m Testing Myself. I Wanna See How Hard I Can Grind Within A Month’s Time Span. I Wanna Get Over 500 Plays By The End Of March. Lol Idek If I Have A BIG Fanbase, But This Song Is Gonna Help Me Build One!



A Lot Of Indie And Underground Artists Just Put Out Songs And Expect To Blow Up. Will It Help Them? Prolly. However, Rap Careers Require Strategic Methods In Order To Make It Out On Top. Welcome To The #TenCapCommandments.

Step 1. Make A Name. Get Ppl Talking Bout You.

Step 2. Make The Moves. Perform. Collab. Interact With New Ppl.

Step 3. Stay Consistent. Work Hard On Your Craft. Always Make Your Next Your Best.

Step 4. Do You. Advice Is Nice, But Dont Let Opinions Change Your Ethics And Morals.

Step 5. Take Risks. If You Don’t Do Anything, How Will You Know What Will Happen Afterwards?

Step 6. Rep. Rep Your School, Your Block, Your Old Hood…Rep Your Area. They’ll Show Love.

Step 7. Dream Big. When You Aim For Harder Goals, You’re Forced To Work Even Harder Than B4.

Step 8. Ease Out Your Comfort Zone. Once You Feel Good With Your Surroundings, Make Your Move.

Step 9. Hustle Hard. Do Whateva You Can To Sell Your Product.

And Step 10. Have Faith. Shit May Seem Hard, But As Long As You Have An Amazing Talent, You’ll Be Fine.


What’s #BTTFC?

BTTFC Is An Acronym For Bigger Than That Fat Child. This Is A Bar Turned Into A Lifestyle.

When You Think Of A “Fat Child”, What Do You Think Of First? 9 Times Out Of 10, You’d Think Of Someone Who Is Overweight Or Eats A Lot Of Food, Right? Think About It Like This. They’re Getting The Most Out Of Life And Their Bodies Show It. I Wanna Be Bigger Than That. I Want Ppl To Actually See My Progress As An Underground Artist. I Want To Be Able To Do Songs With Big Names. I Wanna Record In High Tech Studios, Work With Well Known Artists And Producers, And Tweet Among MILLIONS Of Fans. Lol Even Though I’m As Skinny As A Toothpick, I Have A High Metabolism. I’ma Still Keep Eating Until I’m Bigger Than That Fat Child. Y’all Get It Now?

BTTFC Is A Lifestyle. It Means Strive For The Most. Try To Obtain Each And Every Goal You Have. Trust Me, If You’re Hungry, You’ll Never Stop Eating!

– Cap.




From $5 To $25…


As You May Know, I Been Selling The Deluxe Edition Of #BewareOfCapVol2 For $5 Again. This Is Very Important Cuz I’m Making My Own Money Without Any Legal Hassles. The Thing Is….It’s Not Easy Being Independent. I’ve Been Making My Decisions Wisely. I Have To Maintain My Schoolwork & Being On An Indie Label Without Blaming Any1 For My Own Problems. So……If You Truly Support Me, Buy My Mixtape! I Promise You, You’ll Be Amazed With What You Hear! Just Gimme A Chance 1st.

– Cap.