Watch “Cap Stylez – A Soul’s Hymn (Video)” on YouTube!

With only a week remaining for the release of #BTTFC (Based Teen Tryna Form Change), Cap drops this lush visual of the first single, “A Soul’s Hymn”.



Feel free to download “A Soul’s Hymn” on SoundCloud while you wait for #BTTFC!



Cap Stylez is reborn as Fisherman Cap ‘The Myth’ on #BTTFC and speaks on forming change!


Before we get into this story, what comes to mind when you play a song or watch a video of Mr. Rap Wild? What do you listen for? Whether your looking for punchlines, story-telling lyrics, and even a chuckle or laugh between verses, one thing is for certain; he has something about him that is unrivaled by any other local artist. As we approach the release of #BTTFC (Based Teen Tryna Form Change), the innovative Fat Child showcases a new form. Say hello to Fisherman Cap ‘The Myth’.

What you think of when you see a fisherman fishing? Fisherman Cap expresses his love for “catching fish”, which is an idiom for chasing dreams and accomplishing goals. People haven’t seen this side of Cap in person, thus explaining why he’s considered an urban legend. There isn’t a lot to say about ‘The Myth’ besides the fact that he makes every song sound like a folk tale or a nursery rhyme with deeper meaning. Imagine a conversation with a veteran fisherman and you’re confused on how to attract trout or bass while you’re out fishing. Fisherman Cap knows how difficult it may be, but he has learned by visiting the wonders of the world and seeking wisdom.

From tall tales to tragedies, ‘The Myth’ always plays his role as the street smart narrator guiding listeners to the right direction. Make sure to download #BTTFC (Based Teen Tryna Form Change) on July 5th!

Cap Stylez prepares to release #BTTFC (Based Teen Tryna Form Change) mixtape!


Cap Stylez is back to doing what he does best; forming change in the underground scene. This is his first solo project since “Beware Of Cap Vol. 2”. The only difference is that everything on #BTTFC is original (with an exception of a remix of Jay-Z’s ‘Soon Y’all Understand’).

Realizing that he mastered the art of astral projection, Cap reached even deeper into his soul than usual. The renowned Rap Wild captain is molding his rap abilities into a new sound that sounds closer to a vintage ’93 hip-hop bravado. Arthritis couldn’t hold Fisherman Cap back from writing amazing compositions such as “A Soul’s Hymn”, a prayer reaching out to the younger generation showing sympathy to the teens who face the daily struggle of pursuing happiness and empathy to teens who question their purpose of living.

One thing is for certain; this is definitely a great debut for Cap. #BTTFC will released on SoundCloud and Mediafire July 5th. If you’re looking for a classic, I hope you don’t mind listening to it knowing that the narrator is a teenager.