Download Cap Stylez’s #CAPtivated mixtape!

Finally, after two years of making music, The Captain releases #CAPtivated.




Enjoy! Make sure to tell all your friends and family to support!!!


@HeisCapStylez’s captivation: the making of #CAPtivated.


Cap Stylez has been making a lot of noise this year, from his freestyles, local performances and summer projects #BTTFC (Based Teen Tryna Form Change) & #ObeseCitizen. It all leads to #CAPtivated, a mixtape that has been highly anticipated since last year.

The Captain does most of his work behind the scenes, so the mystery surrounding his motives isn’t surprising. He deleted all of his tweets prior to October 27th and decided to put out #CAPtivated on November 12th, 2013 with #WakeUpCallPt2 as it’s leading single. Take note that the first Wake Up Call was the song that boosted Cap Stylez’s career in early 2012, so it looks as if the sequel is attempting to continue what the original started.


Cap Stylez began recording #CAPtivated in mid October of 2012, finding a newfound respect for marijuana and large consumptions of food while building his stash of songs. He leaked a song off of #CAPtivated titled “Turn Up” featuring Rai L of Between States Entertainment on the weekend on his 19th birthday, but quickly decided to take it down. “Turn Up” will indeed remain on #CAPtivated. Later in 2013, Cap met talented artist Raché. They made a load of songs together during the spring, so expect a few tracks from them on the mixtape. The Captain even did a remix to a song called “Essence” by the underground lyricist Pazij.

The majority of #CAPtivated has been finished since June of 2013, but he decided to work on smaller projects to generate and maintain his fanbase while putting the finishing touches on #CAPtivated. Both of his last projects were dropped unofficially on Mediafire and SoundCloud, but #CAPtivated will be dropped on Cap WILL be making physical copies of #CAPtivated and will begin passing them out around mid December, free of charge.

Will #CAPtivated get the reception it deserves? Make sure to download it on November 12th!!!