@HeisCapStylez breaks down his chronic depression.


“I Try My Hardest To Understand My Current Position In Life And All Possible Paths I Could Take Without Having To Worry About My Happiness Or Health, But Right Now The World Is In Bad Shape. Fuck All The ‘You Should Be Grateful Becuz Others Don’t Have Anything But They’re Happy’ Bullshit. Yes, You Should Appreciate What You Have, But You Shouldn’t Have To Continuously Settle For Less. My Quality Of Life Is Horrible. I Started School A Year Late. I Had A Developmental Problem When I Was A Child And I Don’t Think I Ever Caught Up To Where I Was Supposed To Be Mentally. Now I Overanalyze Everything. Relationships, My Life Span, Motives, Rules And Regulations, And Much More. I’m Restless. Family Isn’t Family. Friends Aren’t Friends. I’m Too Busy Comparing My Shitty Life With Others. As Soon As I See Happiness That I’m Not Experiencing, I Feel More And More Depressed. I Ask Myself What Am I Doing Wrong All The Time. My Final Answer Is Staying Alive. I Feel That It Isn’t Worth The Mental Frustration And Emotional Torture. I Just Wish There Was Another Way To Ease Pain Without Dying Altogether. But Fuck It.”

– Cap Stylez


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