@HeisCapStylez’s growth, influences, and inspirations.


Today, we’re gonna let The Captain talk about his progression in his life, things that influence him, and things that inspire him to continue his progression.

1st Topic: Growth

Cap: I look at life differently everyday. One day I’ll be loving life for what it is. The next day I’ll be nonchalant at the fact that life is a cycle of living and dying. At the end of the day it’s about acceptance. Accepting yourself and your surroundings is the key to pursuing happiness. I don’t let the media persuade me to believe in philosophies and ideologies that aren’t real. I read, I study, I listen to music, I eat fatty food, I skate…and I believe that I am in good physical and mental shape. As long as I continue this process, my characteristics will grow in a way that will show the world and myself that progression can be visible.

2nd Topic: Influences

Cap: I don’t know why so many people look up to me. Maybe because I can easily admit that I like weed even though my mother forbids, or that I was quick to run to suicide whenever I had a problem. The problem with me is that I let the wrong things and people influence me. I let rappers influence me to think that life is about money (solely), fucking bitches, cutting off people who wasn’t there when I struggled, and material things. I let weed enthusiasts influence me to believe that euphoria could be the best feeling in the world. The bottom line is no one, and I mean NO ONE, knows life’s meaning. Not a rapper, a millionaire, a president, a pastor, NO ONE. However, these influences help me mold my own ideals. My biggest influence are the very same people who say they look up to me. They make me feel like I have a reputation to uphold.

3rd Topic: Inspirations

Cap: Kids. Poets. Artists. Skaters. Athletes. Everyone who has a dream. Everyone who chases their dreams. The people who listen to my music and understand everything. EVERYTHING. Half of the reason why I make music is to relate to the people who’s stories are still untold.

We hope you gained something from today’s post! #RAPTURE drops July 5th!!!


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