About Me

“The Name On My Birth Certificate Says Steven Stembridge Jr. I Hate It. Born On November 8th, 1993 In North Carolina. Moved Regularly As A Child Between There And Louisiana. Went To Ohio When I Was Six. Left When I Was Twelve. Came To Shipley Terrace In Dc For A Few Months And Moved To PG County. Hometown Is Oxon Hill.

Wanna Know A Rare Fact About Me? My Mom Told Me When I Was Young, Doctors Told Her That I Would Have A Hard Time Understanding And Comprehending Regular Functions. Sucks For Me.

Anyway, I Rap, I Guess. I Love Making Music. Until I Die, Music Is The Sole Reason Why I Live Another Day. I Wasn’t Always Suicidal, But I Refuse To Accept Living In A World When Pain Is Guaranteed And Pleasure Is Hard To Find. I Used To Cut Myself. I Started When I Was 15, But I Stopped. Mainly Becuz A Lot Of My Friends Demanded Me To.

Well, Besides The Serious Shit, I Like Food, Reading Poetry And Watching Stand-Up Comedy. I Hate Myself. I Need Help, But I Refuse To Go To A Therapist Or A Mental Institution.

I Love Y’all, Tho. U Guys Been There For Me Since Day 5840, And I Truly Appreciate It. A LOT. Dead Or Alive, Help My Music Live Forever.”

– Cap Stylez

Contact: Biggerthanthatfatchild@gmail.com


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