Understanding @HeisCapStylez’s #IsolatedIndividuality.


If you followed The Captain around 2011, then you know that was when he truly began to evolve into the lyrical artist you know and love today. He first found himself when he released his first official mixtape called “Isolated Individuality”.


Let’s time-travel back to October 2011. Isolated Individuality is Cap’s personality. Even when the spotlight is on him, he questions if it is because of fate or if it’s mere coincidence. People look up to him as a leader and a role model, yet behind closed curtains he associates with negative influences out of kindness and understanding. Once he’s alone, he wonders if the people he reached out to with all his heart will ever love him the same just to think that he’s being neglected, so he goes back into isolation. To him, isolation isn’t just solitude. Isolation is a space where theories are drawn, ideas are made, questions are answered, and his thought process has little to no distractions. Therefore, when he writes, his literature can be compared to anything. For example, “Believe” (the last track of Isolated Individuality) explains how his faith in his abilities to succeed fuels his drive to press on. He compares friendships and relationships to actual sea vessels. “One might sink, the other will keep floating”, says The Captain.

We hope you have a better understanding of how The Captain thinks. Even while making #RAPTURE, his isolated individuality played a big part with helping him stay honest with himself.

RAPTURE drops July 5th. Tell everyone.