Enjoy @HeisCapStylez’s new album AND mixtape #RAPTURE!

After months of preparation, The Captain finally dropped #RAPTURE on July 5th, 2014 at midnight just as he was set to perform at Busboys and Poets! You can download each on Bandcamp at HeisCapStylez.bandcamp.com/music.

We at Obese Citizens are honored to give you #RAPTURE, an album and a mixtape for free!! All we ask is for you to enjoy and pass the buck when it’s convenient! TRW4Eva! #Biggerthanthatfatchild!!! Enjoy RAPTURE!


Catch @HeisCapStylez performing at @busboysandpoets’ Open Mic on July 4th! Ticket giveaway!!!


Catch The Captain performing music from #RAPTURE at Busboys and Poets located on 14th and V Street in DC! It’s a $5 cover fee, but if you can’t pay and still want to come, email us at biggerthanthatfatchild@gmail.com for a ticket and we’ll get one for you! This offer is available for up to three people. You can buy tickets online at midnight on Busboys and Poets’ website www.busboysandpoets.com.


Hope to see you on Independence Day!!! #RAPTURE

Cap Stylez announces double disc feature #RAPTURE on July 5th!


The Captain has decided to give his music a solid push by dropping #RAPTURE, a double disc feature (an album and a mixtape). He’s still working independently: long studio sessions, various collaborations, videos, freestyles and shows are all in the works. The release date is July 5th, but Cap has a lot of time to make more music for the world to enjoy.



#RAPTURE is a conceptual project about the second coming of Cap Stylez. The story behind this album revolves around Cap’s ambition as an artist trying to find his destiny while fighting depression due to the lack of attention received from the music industry and everyone who knows what he’s going through in his personal life. Being independent can be very stressful when money needs to be invested and an artist doesn’t appeal to the local audience they promote their music to. This is the story of Fisherman Cap, the bipolar yet enlightened emcee who’s considered to be an outcast to the public, a role model to his peers, and a light of hope for anyone who’s willing to do anything to pursue their happiness.


#RAPTURE is expected to have 40+ songs (including a select few from #BeforeTheRAPTURE), but Cap has been recording for this project since October 2013, so 2014 will definitely be packed with a lot of music to enjoy. Cap Stylez announced on Twitter that listeners can digitally download the #RAPTURE album version either for $10 on Bandcamp.com, while the mixtape version will be available for free. Physical copies of the album version will be sold by preordering on Bandcamp while the mixtape edition will be limited edition. Either way, #RAPTURE is guaranteed to win listeners over.


The Captain has suggested that #RAPTURE may be his final release. As saddening as this news is, all we can do is hope for the best and anticipate the outcome after months of built hype and pre-released music. We certainly don’t wish that Cap carries out his wish to take himself out, but whether he does or not, #RAPTURE will guarantee that the Captain’s legacy lives on forever.