After #RAPTURE: Q&A with @HeisCapStylez.


The self proclaimed isolated genius has been working on several projects: Obese Citizens (an organization that promotes “phat” individuals with artistic vision), the album/mixtape double disc release of #RAPTURE, and his soon to be career as a professional skateboarder? Here we’ll ask Cap a series of questions that will help us understand the path of our “New President”.


Q1: What are your plans after #RAPTURE drops?

Cap: Music wise, demo submissions to some record labels I’m interested in. Life wise, enlisting into the military.


Q2: Who are some of the labels you’re looking at right now?

Cap: Stones Throw, Amalgam Digital…those are the main two, but I’ll be looking for more.


Q3: Are you looking forward to enlisting?

Cap: Honestly, no. The feeling’s bittersweet. This is something I have to do because of where I am in life. My fam isn’t in a position to support me, and I can’t fade paying back college loans for the rest of my adolescence.


Q4: How do you feel about #RAPTURE’s outcome?

Cap: I love how #RAPTURE came out. Like, it continues where #BeforeTheRAPTURE left off. Great production, solid collaborations, and an amazing concept.


Q5: So #RAPTURE is a conceptual project? If so, tell us about it.

Cap: My pleasure. The album is how I want people to see and accept me as a person. The mixtape is more rhythmic so people can do less interpreting of the lyrics and enjoy the music as a whole more. Overall, every song has a message. Nothing is watered down.


Q6: What was the inspiration of #RAPTURE?

Cap: At first, I began making #RAPTURE as a death note to let my loved ones know that I’ll live on through music, but as I continued to make more music and connect with my friends/family/supporters, something told me that #RAPTURE was the beginning of a new me.


Q7: A new you?

Cap: A more positive person towards myself.


Q8: That’s great to hear! But…are you done making music after #RAPTURE?

Cap: Absolutely not. I’m currently writing with a 100 percent clear mind that’s free of all distractions. I’m not sure when the next project will be released, but it definitely will be sooner than later.


Q9: What is your mission with Obese Citizens?

Cap: I want to provide the youth, well, anyone with a gift, with an outlet that can help them reach their dreams. I know how hard it is to turn a dream into reality being alone, and I just want everyone to know that they don’t have to be alone anymore.


Q10: Last question, what plans do you have with skateboarding?

Cap: Honestly, I’m pretty content with just riding around the neighborhood and skating to new places, but if I ever get the chance, I’d love to do contests and even photoshoots with a magazine. Skateboarding is truly a childhood dream of mine.



We want to wish The Captain the best of luck in his future full of obstacles and endeavors. If anyone can overcome these hardships, it’s Cap. RAPTURE drops on July 5th! Be sure to spread the word to everyone you know!!!